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Purchasing Dominican blue and amber stones: a few tips

It’s pretty pricey. It has an uncommon and unique azure coloring. It is mainly found in Santiago and the mountain region of Dominican Republic. This belt is home to numerous mines. The miners put their lives in danger while working in substandard conditions.

the causes of this strange colour

When natural light strikes this natural resin on a white surface, the light goes through it. The white surface then reflects the light back. The end result is Dominican blue amber, which has a bluish tint. But, when the same light strikes bluish beads on a black surface, the black surface does not reflect the light back. These kinds of ornamental items glow because hydrocarbons are present in the bluish translucent beads.

appearance when illuminated

Positive samples of Dominican amber, Mexican tree resin, and several varieties from Indonesia all display this effect. They are made from the Hymenaea protera tree’s resin. The most significant and valuable blue amber is still thought to come from the Dominican Republic. These traits are not present in Baltic transparent beads. It seems to be typical translucent beads in artificial light. It will, however, glow brightly in UV light. It gives out a scent that distinguishes it from other beads.

standard attributes

In the Baltic region, there are significant amber deposits. They are widely mined in Poland, Russia, and the region around it. While the flakes will sink in the water, amber can float. It is less heavy than seawater.

Before purchasing Dominican blueish ornamental stones, let’s talk about some advice.

Uncommon yet still among the finest

That is unusual. The greatest version is still thought to be the Dominican blue one. Certain characteristics of Baltic amber have been artificially increased. They don’t have the vivid blue color. In making this purchase, clients should be aware of this fact.

Choose the genuine

The Dominican bluish amber is the best option if you want to choose genuine bluish fossilized tree resin. Mother Nature created this pattern.

Beware of imitations

During mining, huge amber pieces can occasionally fragment. They are polished and sold to unaware clients after being coquin back. The price of the imitation blue beads is quite high.

Examine the rating.

Verify the rating at all times. Copal from Colombia is occasionally sold as expensive blue beads.

Consult with knowledgeable professionals.

An unskilled eye could be tricked into purchasing a subpar item. Only three or four mines produce the truly excellent pieces of blue amber. The price, size, shape, and color all differ.

Online offers are easy to find.

The best defense against dishonest traders is thorough investigation done before purchasing a dubious item. You ought to rely on the expertise of reliable vendors. Online resources for bead professionals are also available. Shop online with confidence and discover great bargains. If not, you can travel to Jacagua, which is Santiago at the base of the hills. Several of the greatest miners will take care of your demands.

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