5 Spooky Ghost Facts That Will Give You Goosebumps

Ghosts are supernatural occurrences that some belief in while others do not. For years, ghosts have haunted the halls of mansions, castles, and private residences. They are sometimes said to be the deceased who are stuck in limbo and have unfinished business on Earth. The spirit follows the living and torments them until they are accepted into heaven or hell. Other theories tell of ghosts haunting a specific person or location. Here are five eerie ghost facts that will send chills down your spine.

1. A ghost may haunt you for a variety of reasons.

A scary looking ghost looking through the window

According to renowned ghost hunter and author Richard Southall, there are four reasons a ghost may be present. The first item on his list is that the ghost may not realize it is dead. The second point to make is that the ghost has unfinished business. It is said that when a person dies, they cannot enter the underworld until all of their business on Earth is completed. This leads to the third reason: the ghost may be lingering to say goodbye to a loved one.

The final theoretical reason is to counsel a loved one. Ghosts are generally thought to haunt only the places, objects, or people with whom they were associated. The Winchester Mystery House, for example, is a well-known story. According to legend, ghosts haunted the wife of the Winchester gun’s inventor in her home. However, these were all the ghosts of those who had been killed with that specific brand of gun.

2. There are various kinds of ghosts, some good and some bad.

A ghost

You may have thought there was only one type of ghost to watch out for, but there are several. It’s not just a floating white bed sheet ghost attempting to haunt you. There are poltergeists, which are more audible ghosts that torment the living. They frequently move things around your house and will frighten you with subtle movements. Other types of ghosts include funnel ghosts and orbs. These are more associated with light and will resemble a ball of light or mist.

3. You can send a ghost to haunt your adversary.

Many howling ghosts

This is possibly one of the most terrifying things to contemplate. According to the Romans, you can effectively command a ghost to exact vengeance on your behalf.
The Romans believed that a few simple steps would suffice. It started with scratching a curse into stone or, in those days, a tablet. The curse had to mention the enemy’s name and describe the type of torment. This was then to be placed in a grave or burial site for the deceased to act upon. Not all Romans believed in this, but it was commonly practiced in the hopes of the dead returning as ghosts to torment.

4. Ghosts are most powerful during the witching hour.

A haunted house with ghosts hanging around outside it

The witching hour is associated with paranormal events and the appearance of ghosts in folklore. Although a ghost can be seen at any time of day, it is said that ghosts are most powerful during the witching hour. Many people debate when the witching hour is, but it is generally believed to be between 3 and 4 a.m.This association is thought to have originated with the Catholic Church. This is because the Catholic Church prohibited activities during this hour during the 1500s.

The ban was imposed due to the widespread fear of witchcraft at the time, as it was assumed to be performed at night. The witching hour, also known as the most unearthly hour, was born. This is when poltergeists are most likely to move objects and terrorize a home, or when you will see one. So, if you happen to be awake at this hour, be cautious of what you might see.

5.England is one of the most haunted countries on the planet.

A haunted home in England

Britain has a complicated history that includes battles, torture, death, and witchcraft, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most haunted countries on the planet.
Over 60 haunted houses, castles, mansions, and buildings are known to exist in the United Kingdom. Many of these locations have witnessed many horrors, such as battles, beheadings, and other atrocities. Hampton Court Palace is one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. The ghost of a grey lady, a man in a mask, and the famous screaming queen can all be found here.

Ghosts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they serve a variety of functions. Some are out to haunt and torment you, while others are simply there to love and guide you. You could come across a friendly or not-so-friendly ghost at any time. So the next time you hear a floorboard creak or notice one of your belongings has moved, it could be a ghost…

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