When a dog’s favorite toy is discontinued, the store sends him the last box.

The world gets a little brighter every time we choose kindness. A small act of kindness can have a big impact, especially if it’s unexpected, and nothing beats knowing you’ve made someone happy. A sweet puppy named Marley recently received a wonderful surprise after a store manager discovered that Marley’s favorite toy had been ruined and decided to take action.

Hayley Martin

Marley is a loving and caring puppy who has also been trained as an autism service dog. He is always there to support his mother, Hayley Martin, whom he adores. Martin, for her part, adores her sweet pup and is grateful for everything Marley does for her. She is always trying to show him how much she loves and appreciates him, and she goes out of her way to make him happy.

Marley fell in love with a beautiful toy while they were out shopping together one day. Marley begged his mother to buy him a plush squeaky toy in the shape of a strawberry. Martin, of course, was delighted to give her good boy a nice toy, so she bought the lovely strawberry and gave it to Marley.

Hayley Martin

Marley was overjoyed, and the toy quickly became his favorite. Marley hadn’t grown tired of the strawberry even after a year of playing with it. It was a little worse for wear after so many energetic play sessions, but Marley still adored his toy, even if it wasn’t quite as pretty as before.

Martin, on the other hand, was eventually forced to make the difficult decision to discard the worn toy. It had become far too worn and soiled and had to be discarded. Knowing how much Marley adored strawberries, Martin set out to get him a new one. That’s when she discovered the toy had been discontinued. The news naturally devastated Martin. Marley adored his strawberry and was desperate to make him happy.

Martin then took to Facebook to explain the situation and request that people contact her if they knew where she could get a replacement strawberry. Then something incredible happened: a store manager who had sold the toys saw her post and contacted her. She told Martin she’d gladly send Marley two strawberry toys. Martin was overjoyed, but when the package arrived, she couldn’t believe it. The store manager had sent Marley an entire box of strawberry toys instead of two!

Hayley Martin

When Marley saw the box containing 20 of his favorite toys, he didn’t know what to think.”He had no idea what to do!” He was so gentle about everything, but he was so excited!” Martin informed The Dodo. He explored each toy in breathless excitement for an hour, nudging them to make them squeak. Marley now considers himself to be the luckiest little dog in the world; not only does he have an amazing mother, but he also has a lifetime supply of his favorite toy. And Martin is overjoyed to see her favorite little guy beaming with joy.

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