This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Horrible Bird Photography, And Here Are 20 Of Their Most Hilarious Posts

Bird photography is challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. That’s fantastic if you get a stunning image. However, if you don’t get that stunning shot, you might end up with a funny one.The Facebook group “Crap Bird Photography” shares all kinds of strange and hilarious bird images that are sure to make you laugh.

#1 Before I had my own chickens, I didn’t know how to pick them up.

Image source: Ashley Happ Garrison

#2 Until today, I’d never been able to capture a good image of London’s stunning bright green parakeets.

Image source: Jez Kemp

#3 Thought I’d Taken A Beautiful Photograph Of A White Ibis. Now I’m thinking it could be one of Lady Gaga’s hats.

Image source: Holly Stoepker


Image source: Ellany Whelan


Image source: Jamie Cannon

Image source: Jose Doo

#7 This Is What Happens When You Try To Take A Nice Beach Photo

Image source: Jen Whaley

#8 I Was Assured That This Belongs Here. Nugget and My Husband

Image source: Molly Jean

#9 This Cr*p Birdie Photography is a little tricky… The film “Swan Lake”

Image source: Bob Schofield

#10 The Uncommon Fish-Tailed Osprey!

Image source: Rebecca Fatzinger

#11 Has Been Attempting To Capture A Darwinian Finch – This one wasn’t having any of it…

Image source: Peta Payne


Image source: Bonny Martin


Image source: Rachelle de Poorter


Image source: Holly Stoepker


Image source: Iwen Chiu

#16 The mascot is a magpie. It has a piece of pie in its mouth.

Image source: Kristin Flett


Image source: Kym James


Image source: Nicole Wilde


Image source: Jennifer Wilson-Pines


Image source: Kath Wilson

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